Black Friday SSD deals 2022: what to expect from this year's sale

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We’re under a month away from Black Friday SSD deals, for anyone else who’s excited enough to count the weeks. If you’re hoping to pick up some new expandable storage, then this is the page for you. We’ve looked at last years price data, we’ve assessed the market, and we’re ready to go over our expectations for this year’s sales. 

If 2021 is any indicator, then get excited because it’s likely we will see major discounts on some of the best SSDs for gaming, whether that be NVMe, external or SATA. If you play your games on a console, getting your hands on one of the best PS5 SSDs wouldn’t be such a bad idea. With a busy holiday window and AAA games taking up more and more space, expanding your storage will mean less downloading and more instant action. Nobody wants to hit download of God of War: Ragnarok and be met with a nasty notification that says you don’t have the space for it, after all. 

Compatible options for PS5 are available from brands like Samsung, WD, and Sabrent, all of whom discounted their SSDs last year. With all of that in mind, it’s also worth paying a visit to our dedicated page for Black Friday PS5 SSD deals if you aren’t overly familiar with buying and installing SSDs on consoles. There’s more to it than you might think, and you’ll need to consider things like transfer speeds and heatsink installation, so be sure to check that guide if this is all a bit new to you.

You can also find our expectations on deals such as Black Friday external hard drive deals and also Black Friday gaming PC deals. Otherwise, we’re breaking down our expectations for the Black Friday deals on SSDs for gaming below. 

Black Friday SSD deals 2022 – FAQs

When are Black Friday SSD deals starting in 2022?

The 25th November is when Black Friday falls this year. Early birds can expect deals to start in the days and weeks leading up to that date, and don’t forget that some of them will even carry over to Cyber Monday as well.

SSD has become the new king of storage in recent years, and that’s meant an expansion in great models and manufacturers. For that reason, you’re bound to get a great selection of deals on some speedy SSDs.

Where will the best external hard drive deals be?

If you’re looking for a solid-state drive during these sales periods then you’ll find that all major tech retailers are offering amazing discounts on them during these sales periods. 

What types of Solid State Drives are there?

  • SATA SSD: This style of solid-state drive uses the same 2.5-inch form-factor as any standard HDD, meaning they normally fit in any pre-existing drive bays that your PC case may have. The trade-off, however, is that, while cheaper, they’re not as quick as some of the newer types on the market. They’re also chunkier than other SSD types, so keep that in mind too.
  • External SSD: As the name may imply, instead of being slotted inside your machine, they are connected externally via USB 3.0 or USB-C depending on read and write speeds. These days, USB-C is more commonplace.
  • PCIe/NVMe/M.2: This is the newest form of SSD storage that’s used on everything from game consoles to gaming desktops. These SSDs are famed not only for their faster-than-ever speeds but for ultra-small form-factors and ease of use. Usually, they can just be screwed into place (usually with a heatsink). In addition, they tend to have longer lifespans and a lower risk of mechanical fault. Having said that, they’re the more expensive option, and they can benefit from working with heatsinks to help them run as efficiently as possible.

What to expect from Black Friday SSD deals 

Based on sales last year and other discounts we’ve seen throughout the year, our expectations for SSD deals this year are high. 

Ordinary retail prices on SSDs are coming further and further down at the moment, and have been over the past year. At the moment, you can find drives retailing for the same price that they were on sale for during last year’s peak trading events. What does this mean for Black Friday SSD deals? It’s great news – we may see some of our favourite SSDs for gaming come down to historically low prices.

Down below, we’ve pulled out a list of some of the best Black Friday SSD deals from last year. Feel free to give it a peruse to get a better idea of what prices and discounts to expect. As you’ll notice, judging from last year, Samsung and SanDisk are two reliable brands that offered great savings on some of our favourite internal and external SSDs. 

Lastly, you may also notice the fantastic range on offer from last year. There were internal, external, and PS5 specific SSDs that all experienced discounts, so no matter your platform of choice, there’s bound to be an SSD deal that suits you. 

Why are SSDs so cheap now?

SSD made its move into storage dominance during the pandemic years, which, as we’re sure you’ll remember, were ridden with supply chain issues and chip shortages the world over. Since SSDs have been so highly sought after over the past few years, and manufacturers have had to think about extra costs to keep their workers safe amidst the pandemic, as well as recover from it, prices remained high.

A few weeks ago, however, it was revealed that sales have been declining (opens in new tab) in the HDD and SSD spaces. Both Seagate and Western Digital, two of the biggest names in the storage market, revealed that it would be unlikely for them to reach their projected revenue figures by the end of 2022. 

When you combine the high manufacturing costs of the pandemic age with 2022’s cost of living squeezes, you get a stagnation of the market. In short, it got easier to buy an SSD, but people either don’t have the money to buy one, or no longer need them as desperately.

With no choice but to slash prices to offset reduced demand, SSD manufacturers are dramatically reducing costs.

Last year’s Black Friday SSD deals in the US

Last year’s Black Friday SSD deals in the UK

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