Bitcoin Providing Historical Buying Opportunity – Here’s The Best Entry Levels To Watch

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The price of bitcoin (BTC) has been moving sideways for the second week in a row due to the persistence of two bearish caps and the lack of new lows being made by the price action itself.

Is now the ideal moment to accumulate Bitcoin, nevertheless, given all the price drops? The historically ideal times to purchase long-term BTC positions were noted by a cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter.

The timeframes, “12-15 months before the Bitcoin halving  and 12-15 months after previous ATH, which is November 2022 – May 2023,” according to user MCP, are the best  times to accumulate Bitcoin for the long run.


1) 12-15 months before the Bitcoin halving

2) 12-15 months after previous ATH

= November 2022 – May 2023

🎯 Bottom targets vs hopeful average fill prices:$BTC 12k-14k / 14.2k-16.5k$ETH 480-580 / 635-775$SOL 12-18 / 20-26

— 🔥MCP🔥 (@MiddleChildPabk) October 1, 2022

Additionally, he gave Bitcoin’s bottom price targets and stated that it might reach the $12 to $14k level. In terms of ETH, his lowest objective is $480k, and for the ‘Ethereum killer’ Solana, it might even reach $12k.

“I will probably miss the bottom anyways if they hit those low targets and don’t expect to go that low tbh.. they would be short term wicks with very few getting to buy there. Then a large % of the portfolio will be taken out of the market 10-18 months after the Bitcoin halving,” he added. 

Bitcoin in it’s worst year?

One of the worst years for cryptocurrency was 2022. Investors in cryptocurrencies noticed steep price drops from record highs.

Yesterday, Bitcoin attempted to breach $20,000 once more, but, like earlier this week, it was halted and fell. While some gains are being made by the mid-cap cryptocurrencies, the majority of larger-cap altcoins are currently somewhat in the red.

While various tail risks are hanging over the cryptocurrency market, the price of bitcoin is now trading somewhat as if traders are unsure on what to do next.

The lack of follow-through on the upticks suggests that traders are not very confident in a rebound. 

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