Michigan State Police dashcam captures deer leaping over car

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A Michigan State Police cruiser’s dashcam captured a rare sight- a deer leaping over a car, escaping unscathed from the incident. 

The officer, Trooper Anderson, was driving behind another car on a highway when suddenly, a small herd of deer start to run across the road. No deer were struck by any vehicles.

The dashcam of the Michigan State Police cruiser captured the first deer clearing the car. The second deer would have run straight into the driver’s side door – but it amazingly jumped clean over the car. A third deer ran behind the car and just in front of the trooper, who quickly but calmly put his brakes on to let the deer continue running across the road.

The State Police used this footage as an opportunity to share with the community important deer safety tips. According to Michigan.gov, the state sees about 50,000 vehicle-deer crashes every year. 

In the event of crossing paths with a deer, the agency reminded people to apply calm, utilize controlled braking and to steer straight instead of swerving. 

“No one wants to hit a deer, but if you try to avoid the deer, the chance of crashing into another vehicle or losing control increases,” Michigan State Police tweeted.

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