Man who woke up from coma was shocked to discover 'everyone obsessed with Fortnite'

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A gaming journalist says he has finally started playing Fortnite—three years after waking up from a coma and being baffled by how ‘obsessed’ everyone was by it.

Kotaku writer Mike Fahey said that, when he woke up from a six-week coma in 2018, he was startled to find out how quickly people had become obsessed by the popular battle royale game.

Mike said he hadn’t played the game, which was released the previous September, before falling into a coma following life-threatening surgery.

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When he awoke, everyone around him would not stop asking him about Fortnite—and Mike says it took him three years to get over the ‘trauma’ of his awakening and actually pick up the game.

Daily News | Online News Ariana Grande's series of Fortnite concerts are what finally tempted Mike to play the game

Ariana Grande’s series of Fortnite concerts are what finally tempted Mike to play the game

After being rushed to hospital for emergency surgery in March 2018, Mike was placed into a coma for around six weeks. When he woke up, he said he couldn’t talk, write, or type, but that when he awoke, Fortnite ‘was all anyone wanted to talk about.’

He said: “My favourite Fortnite mention came from an attending doctor who asked me about the game during his rounds one morning.

“This was right before he took my spouse aside and asked her to consider what would happen if they couldn’t wean me from the ventilator and to think about what my quality of life would be like.”

He avoided the game for as long as possible, until the pop star Ariana Grande announced she was playing a a series of in-game concerts. Mike installed the game and bought the Ariana Grande skin for his character and finally began playing.

Daily News | Online News Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 4 is out next week

Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 4 is out next week

Mike said: “All the excuses I had for not playing started to melt away. Worries that everyone would be better than me at shooting quickly dissipated as I realised there were still plenty of opponents dumb enough to get lured behind a rock or building to chase a seemingly terrified foe.”

He added: “If I wound up back in the hospital tomorrow, I doubt anyone would ask me about Fortnite. […] Which is a shame, because I really want to talk about Fortnite right now.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is due to come to an end on September 17, when it will be replaced with Chapter 3 Season 4. Details of the new season are still thin on the ground, but rumours suggest there could be new characters from Spider-Man, Marvel, and a Halloween event.


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