September 24, 2022 | 9:00am

Harvey wants Harry.

Broadway legend Harvey Fierstein — whose show “Kinky Boots” is currently playing off-Broadway — thinks Harry Styles would be perfect for a long-talked-about movie adaptation of the musical.

“I think Harry Styles would be glorious,” the Tony winner enthused to Page Six in a recent interview.

The musical — based on an English movie — tells the story of Charlie, a shoe factory owner struggling to save his family business. It is unexpectedly saved by Lola, a fabulous entertainer, who encourages Charlie to make larger-size shoes for women.

The “Hairspray” star also knows who he would like to see play opposite the “As It Was” singer.

“I was also thinking about Bruno Mars for Lola,” he shared. “I mean, he’s got the theatricalities and all that stuff.”

Daily News | Online News Harry Styles.
Fierstein thinks Harry Styles would be “glorious” in a movie version of the musical “Kinky Boots.”
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Aside from his desire to work on the potential movie, Fierstein, who is 70, is showing no signs of slowing down.

Earlier this year, he released his memoir, “I Was Better Last Night” and also wrote the revised book for “Funny Girl.” However, the “Mrs. Doubtfire” star is circumspect when the subject of Beanie Feldstein comes up.

Earlier this summer, Feldstein dramatically announced her early exit from the Broadway show.

The “Booksmart” star — who had received mixed reviews for her performance — revealed on social media that she was leaving because producers decided to “take the show in a different direction.”

Daily News | Online News Harvey-Fierstein-Harry-Styles_84

“Kinky Boots” is now playing off-Broadway.


Daily News | Online News Harvey-Fierstein-Harry-Styles_85

“Kinky Boots” is now playing off-Broadway.


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Soon after, it was announced that Lea Michele would be stepping in to play Fanny Brice.

“I think as actors we put ourselves out there,” Fierstein said. “There’s no armor around us, there’s nobody really to protect us.”

Daily News | Online News Beanie Feldstein and Book Writer Harvey Fierstein during the opening night curtain call for the musical
Fierstein only wishes the best for Beanie Feldstein who left “Funny Girl” abruptly.
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“I don’t know if she did the right thing or the wrong thing (by announcing her early exit on Instagram),” he continued.

“And I think it’s hard to judge. I wrote to her many times during her run, you know, sent her texts, sometimes she answered, sometimes she didn’t. But I hope with my whole heart that in the long run, it all turns out well for her.”