Spy x Family Chapter 67: Release Date, Scans, Spoilers, Discussions

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Chapter 66 of Spy X Family does an amazing job of setting up the events that will take place in this new arc. Melinda is not as pleasant as she appears, given that she harbors several family secrets.

Yor and Anya seek to grow closer to their respective Donovan family members, but for different reasons.

It also indicates that the Shopkeeper is beginning to suspect Loid, which might lead to future troubles for agent Twilight. This new arc appears to concentrate on a variety of characters and subplots.

Chapter 67 Discussions and Predictions

There are a lot of possibilities now. Melinda and her various faces might indicate a lot of things. She has a secret, which is one of the story’s principles.

Yor And Loid | Source: IMDb

Garden suspecting or targeting Loid is also concerning, but I don’t see that occurring anytime soon because it would reveal Twilight’s identity as a spy.

Yor may just be tasked by the Shopkeeper to “take care” of Loid. If Shopkeeper suspects Yor is mentally unstable, assign another assassin to the assignment instead.

Chapter 67 Release Date

Chapter 67 of the Spy x Family manga will be released on Sunday, Aug 21, 2022. The chapter title has not been leaked yet.

1. Is Spy x Family Chapter 67 on break this week?

Chapter 67 of Spy X Family is not on a break. It will continue serializing bi-weekly and appear in the next issue of the Shonen Jump + as usual.

Chapter 67 Raw Scans and Leaks

Raw scans for chapter 67 of Spy x Family have not been released yet. These scans usually surface on the internet one to two days before the weekly release day.

Chapter 66 Recap

Chapter 66 of Spy X Family begins with Loid responding to the news of Yor’s new acquaintance. Loid was startled that Yor had befriended the previous Prime Minister’s wife, something Yor was unaware of. Loid began to wonder what Melinda wanted with Yor as the couple continued to converse.

Yor recalled what transpired after Melinda disclosed her true identity in the last chapter. She questioned Yor whether Anya was her daughter, saying she had heard their kids arguing on the first day of school. Yor apologized but was quickly hushed by a stern-looking Melinda.

anyas tonitrus bolts. i bet most of the parents of eden know about anya from the first incident, but if melinda doesn’t even know anything else besides that, does she pay any attention to her family at all? seriously I can’t see melinda being a good or innocent person just from pic.twitter.com/aTqw8fDOhp

— benny (🥜🦅+💧🔶) (@anya2damian) August 7, 2022

According to Melinda’s acquaintances, the Desmond family believes in the autonomy of their children, which means that they rarely interfere with their lives.

Melinda became even more fascinated with Yor after discovering that she is Anya’s mother, causing her to urge Yor to become a permanent member of their group.

Melinda drove Yor home, still discussing their children. Melinda remarked on how happy her kid appeared to be and wondered whether Anya had anything to do with it.

Yor tells Melinda that she thinks Anya and Damian are close. Melinda, visibly disturbed, expressed her wish that their children would remain friends.

Yor was telling Anya about all the chocolates Melinda had gotten for her. Loid begins to evaluate the scenario while the mother and daughter converse, noting that Melinda is also a person of interest for WISE.

Loid questions Yor’s interaction with Melinda deliberately for a brief while, doubting his wife once more. Anya, listening to what Loid is thinking, yells that it is her fault Yor had to go that day, prompting Loid to discard his concerns.

Yor wishes to remain Melinda’s friend. She inquires with Loid about her ability to continue attending Melinda’s Mommy get-togethers. Loid is still worried about the concept but tells Yor that she should do whatever makes her happy.

Yor is overjoyed with the news and is thinking about what she should do the next time she encounters Melinda. Meanwhile, Loid mulls over how this may assist him and his purpose. Yor would be one step closer to his aim if he became a close ally of Melinda.

Anya is terrified of Loid getting rid of her if he no longer requires her. To save her father and avoid losing her family, she decided inwardly that she would become Damian’s friend before Yor became Melinda’s. The little girl dashes back to her room to study more before falling asleep instantly.

Yor thinks she must notify her supervisor about her new acquaintance. The Shopkeeper is glad to maintain this new acquaintance the next day, as we can see.

The Shopkeeper warns Yor not to engage with Donovan’s political ideals since it will make Loid suspicious of her. Yor stated that Loid would have no objections because he is interested in Donovan’s party. Yor’s supervisor begins acting strangely after learning about this, as though he is suspicious of something.

The final cut depicts Anya arriving at Eden Academy. As soon as Becky comes, Anya expresses her desire to befriend Damian, which Becky sees as a confession of love. Becky advises her buddy that she should bump into Damian as he passes at a corner because there is a legend that this action will eternally link the two kids.

Anya attempted this, but Damian was ready to avoid her strike. Enraged by the boy’s ridicule, Anya spills her meal over his head. Chapter 66 concludes with Damian pursuing Anya, who regrets her failed plot.

About Spy × Family

Spy × Family is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump.

The story follows a spy who has to “build a family” to execute a mission, not realizing that the girl he adopts as a daughter and the woman he agrees to be in a fake marriage with are a mind reader and an assassin respectively.

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