PIXXTASY: Meet The NFT Project Fighting Drug Addiction

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Many projects have used NFTs to support a noble cause, from women empowerment to nature conservation and more. The latest entrant to this ‘NFTs for social good’ space is PIXXTASY. Essentially, the charity project is utilising NFTs and blockchain technology to fight drug addiction and facilitate rehabilitation. Let’s take a closer look at the PIXXTASY NFT project and how it works.

Daily News | Online News PIXXTASY NFT projects featuring drug-like NFTs
PIXXTASY uses the tagline “Don’t use. Just own it.”

Daily News | Online News What is PIXXTASY?

PIXXTASY is an NFT project focusing on supporting anti-drug charities. The artwork of the NFTs takes inspiration from real-world drugs. Often, real drugs’ shapes are influenced by pop culture icons or major brand logos. Therefore, PIXXTASY too will follow a similar creative process. This way, the project aims to raise more awareness about what illegal drugs may look like and the dangers of consuming unknown contents in them. 

The first mint of the NFT collection will go live on September 7, 2022. If you are interested in buying the PIXXTASY NFTs, you can sign up for the whitelist, which starts at 18:00 UTC today (August 31). In fact, anyone who signs up will have the opportunity to be selected to mint one of the NFTs in the collection.

Daily News | Online News Who created PIXXTASY?

PIXXTASY is the brainchild of Zolt├ín Egri, who overcame a two-year drug addiction. Since then, he has been actively advocating against drug use. His passion for the cause, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology gave birth to the PIXXTASY NFT project. 

At its core, the project recognises how lengthy and complex the road to recovery from drug addiction is. As a result, it supports rehabilitation centres and NGOs helping in deaddiction. This is especially helpful since these centres have long struggled to establish themselves in online communities. 

Daily News | Online News PIXXTASY NFT featuring Netflix logo
The collection drops next month.

Daily News | Online News The project boasts many partners

Firstly, the PIXXTASY NFT project is joined by KingIT Solutions’ CEO Edvard Bene as its Business Development Advisor. The company and Bene are working closely with the project for website development, marketing, and NFT development. KingIT Solutions is well-experienced in designing mobile and web applications, websites, and web shops. 

Furthermore, the project has partnered with BSW, a hip-hop group from Hungary. The two-member rap group has over 12 years of experience in the music industry. Now, they are collaborating with PIXXTASY to promote its anti-drug campaign.

Daily News | Online News green colour Hello Kitty nft drug
The artwork takes inspiration from real-life drugs.

Notably, BSW has a massive viewership of over 20 million users. Because of this, the project hopes that the group can take its message to the masses and educate its viewers about the dangers of drug abuse. 

Finally, PIXXTASY has also partnered with a range of Hungarian and German charity projects to aid their initiatives. The list includes SUCHTKRANKENHILFE OSTFRIESLAND, MRE KIMM, and tinirehab.hu.

All things considered, PIXXTASY is an innovative project to watch out for this year. To know more about the project, check out its website. Make sure to follow the project on Twitter and Instagram for all the latest updates. You can also join its Discord server.

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