Gnox (GNOX) And ApeCoin (APE) Are Getting The Attention Of Bitcoin (BTC) Holders

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Crypto investors are currently spoilt for choice with a huge array of tokens, all with depressed valuations. Market participants are looking for new projects that will push forward the value proposition of the blockchain space as a whole and, as a result, attract liquidity.

Two new projects, Gnox (GNOX) and ApeCoin (APE), have brilliant value propositions and are attracting the interest of some of the greatest value investors in the sphere, Bitcoin (BTC) holders. 

Gnox (GNOX)- The Passive Income Protocol

Gnox has brought simplicity to DeFi investment. GNOX is a low-touch investment vehicle giving investors access to the profits of DeFi. Developing at a breakneck pace, DeFi is one of the most exciting economic spheres and the earning potential within it is incredible, with various strategies such as liquidity providing, staking, and lending protocols. Gnox facilitates access to the profits of DeFi without the complications through the use of its treasury, funded via buy and sell taxes; it is the first treasury that earns for investors. It does this by deploying the treasury within DeFi and splitting the generated interest payment amongst token holders.

Launched on the Binance Smart Chain and adding roughly $10,000 each day to its treasury fund, the earning capacity is set to increase steadily, and as it does, so too will the stablecoin reflections. This growth-focused passive income protocol is one to watch in the following months. 

ApeCoin (APE)-The Web3 Economy

ApeCoin was created by the Ape Foundation to build a decentralised community, and by joining this DAO, investors can vote on proposals submitted to the Ape Foundation. Created by Yuga Labs, who played a large part in the proliferation of NFTs with their highly popular Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. The Ape Foundation is expanding to help push Web3 forwards, and APE is the medium of exchange for the ecosystem. 

Bitcoin (BTC)- Digital Gold

Bitcoin is the largest and oldest cryptocurrency within the digital asset space. Renowned for its price volatility, Bitcoin offers investors the best long-term store of value, arguably ever invented. With its block mining difficulty and halving, Bitcoin is the first currency with built-in inflationary mechanics. Trading fiat, with a long-term trajectory towards zero, made painfully apparent by inflation, for Bitcoin, with an increasing value, is one of the best trades investors can make.

Closing Thoughts 

Why are Gnox and ApeCoin attracting Bitcoin holders? Bitcoin holders like projects with long-term value, Gnox is offering a low-stress passive income stream which will attract vast volumes of liquidity, and ApeCoin is offering investors the ability to direct Web3’s future. Both projects have fantastic long-term potential, and it is no surprise BTC holders are interested. 

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