Beyoncé Unleashes “I’m That Girl” Visual Teaser

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On Friday (August 12), Beyoncé released the visual teaser for “I’M THAT GIRL,” the opening single from her latest studio album, RENAISSANCE. Though the actual song is over three minutes long, the teaser falls just under two minutes. The singer is first seen in a kitchen wearing a chrome, metal top, and literally cracking an egg on it as the lyrics repeat, “These motherf**kers ain’t stoppin’ me.”

In each scene, it’s as though Bey is paying homage to herself, subtly referencing classic videos like “Ring The Alarm” and “Why Don’t You Love Me.” The teaser is also where many of her RENAISSANCE press portraits have come from.

Fans are speculating that the various looks are actually previews of the upcoming music videos for the album—despite this teaser solely acknowledging “I’M THAT GIRL.” But knowing how Bey likes to play, this could just be her way of detailing how she’s always that girl in every instance.

There’s no confirmation on when the full visual will arrive, but Bey did release a new song with The Isley Brothers, ahead of the teaser’s release. The duet, “Make Me Say It Again, Girl” is the lead single from the R&B group’s new album, coming this September.

Watch the full “I’M THAT GIRL” teaser below.

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