3 Popular Trends in Custom Cheer Uniforms & Cheer Performances for Summer 2022

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Hilliard, OH — (ReleaseWire) — 07/15/2022 –Although fans don’t always recognize it, cheerleading doesn’t actually have much of an off season. Cheer squads and coaches are consistently training and partaking in summer camps when school is out of session, and many high school cheerleaders are also members of competitive cheer squads that work together year round.

What’s interesting about Summer 2022 is that a few different trends have emerged within custom cheer uniforms and cheer performances in general, and these trends are surely going to be revealing themselves to the masses come next football season.

Cheerleading is always evolving really quickly, and below are some of the evolutions to keep a lookout for later this year!

Smaller Cheer Squad Sizes

For many years, there was a general consensus that larger cheer squads were always better. Many cheer squads used to have 20+ athletes in them, but today it’s safe to say that smaller 15-16 athlete cheer squads are more than capable of holding their own against these larger sized teams in competitions.

This trend is now also beginning to pan itself out in high school cheer squads as well, because cheer coaches are now focusing more on developing more well-rounded teams as opposed to adding extra bodies into a routine. Many coaches and cheer industry leaders used to think that maxing out squad numbers was the way to win, but these ideas are quickly changing in 2022.

One thing to keep in mind from a competitive cheer standpoint is that score sheets have changed in recent years to make it easier for smaller squads to score higher, and now judges are more concerned about the overall quality of stunts performed as opposed to the quantity of stunts performed.

Custom Cheer Uniform Logos

New cheer uniform styles come out just about every year, and 2022 has shown some really beautiful trends in custom cheer uniforms. One major trend that seems to be floating around cheer squads throughout America is the increased usage of logos throughout the entirety of a cheer squad’s apparel.

These days, cheerleaders are repping their team or school’s logos on the fronts and backs of their uniforms, as well as logo placements on shorts and skirts. The status quo for cheer uniforms is rapidly changing this summer more so than in the past, and increased customized logos will surely be one of the most prominent changes that fans notice this fall.

Increased Innovations in Cheer Music

There have been many changes in the legalities of what music cheer squads can use during their routines, which is why massive emergences of custom mixes have come out to support cheer teams everywhere.

In 2022, it’s safe to say that crowd participation and voiceovers will continue to be a big part of the fan experience at high school football games, and music producers are only going to continue to push boundaries by making cheer music more fun and exciting for everyone!

There Are Plenty of Surprises To Look Forward To For Fall 2022!

Although cheer trends are often unpredictable, there will be plenty of awesome changes that high school football fans experience this fall.

There certainly are going to be plenty of Wow moments from fans everywhere due to the latest trends throughout the sport, and cheer creativity truly has never been brighter!

About ARES Sportswear

ARES Sportswear is a custom apparel brand based in Ohio that has supported cheer teams throughout the United States for the past 30 years.

The ARES cheer specialists are available for comment regarding the latest trends in the cheer industry, and you can speak directly with them through this contact form.

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